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  1. Same Day Service
    We can provide a same day service if we have a conveyancer available. One simple call & we are there!
  2. All Inclusive Price
    We pay for everything so you dont. No need to pay insurances, taxes, super, staff training or industry memberships.
  3. All Roles
    We are experienced in all areas and can provide professional, managerial, administrative and reception services.
  4. No Commitment
    We know you won't always need us so; we accept one off casual and regular bookings.
  5. No Upfront Requirements
    We know you need less fuss so we dont require pre registration to use our service. We hit the ground running.
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A CASUAL CONVEYANCER because it never rains, it pours!
The role of a casual conveyancer is to provide a service working alongside you. They do not replace a staff member but rather are an additional pair of hands. 

Casual conveyancers are available for same day services or advanced bookings and the minimum service time is 4 hours.

Casual Conveyancers generally assist you during times that: 
- you experience increase in workload which causes workflow conflict
- you have an unexpected staff absence
- you are required to attend an out of office meetings or conferences
- you need to concentrate on business matters, especially during end of financial periods

We do not require registration and booking a casual conveyancer is as simple as calling us on 0405 236 402, emailing us at or booking online. 

A LOCUM CONVEYANCER to keep the light on for you.
The role of a locum conveyancer is to provide a service working in the shoes of a person who is away. Locum bookings our conveyancers have attended include:
- solely operating a sole practitioner firm responsible for business and matter management
- acting as the sole licensed conveyancer responsible for business, matter and staff management
- working with a team and reporting to another person

Due to the serious nature of this role, our booking procedure involves:

- requesting availability
- receiving a quote along with our terms and conditions
- accepting our terms and conditions
- payment of a deposit to secure your booking
- an induction period to enable the conveyancer to be introduced to your procedures and policies, where the conveyancer is to be the sole licensed conveyancer of the firm
- a handover period whereby the conveyancer meets to receive a status of current matters 

We do not require registration and booking a casual conveyancer is as simple as calling us on 0405 236 402, emailing us at or booking online to start the procedure above


To view our availability and instantly book online select "make a booking" in the menu or click here
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A VIRTUAL CONVEYANCER to work whilst you sleep
  The role of a virtual conveyancer is to provide a remote service after hours.

We find that many practitioners are unable to attend to administration tasks due to the time involved in professional tasks, however, they do not have space nor budget to employ administration staff.

We work with firms by remotely logging onto their systems after business hours and completing the tasks assigned.

Examples of clients who require different services that we meet are: 

Client 1: 
Is comfortable with basic technology and utilises outlook's task list. Each day she creates a task and allocates the task to us. We remotely log in at night, prepare the documents requested and mark the task as complete. She then prints the documents out the following day for signing. Our services include:
- Typing general correspondence
- Preparing registrable dealings
- Preparing strata notices
- Preparing requisitions and replies

Client 2:
Is an older generation practitioner nearing retirement and not willing to learn technology. We receive an email for a new or exchanged matter that advises us what documents, enquiries or reports are required. We remotely log in at night and request same. Enquiries include;
- Disclosure documents
- Pest, building and strata reports
- Survey and building certificates
- Council enquiries and authority enquiries
- Regulatory searches

Client 4:
Has a home office and wanted to go on annual leave. They did not want anyone in their home whilst away so all files were delivered to our nominated conveyancer. Our conveyancer then handled the files from her home office remotely logging into their programs. 

Client 3:
Decided to conclude business. They appointed us to handle all matters that were subject to registration. As the plans were registered we liaised with all parties in the shoes of our client and carries out all post registration, pre settlement and post settlement matters. 

We can discuss your needs with you and provide ideas to enable us both to determine a suitable remote service.

We recognise that many tasks can take less than one hour so we will not charge in hourly increments for this services. Our current clients have each pre-paid a block of hours and we report to them upon conclusion of each service by submission of time costing in using timesite or your dedicated time billing system.

We understand that security is important so we can provide you with evidence of our security measures, anti virus measures and even provide you with a screen recording of how we access your computer. We consult with Will Connors from Computer Emergency as regards these measures. 

To enquire about our virtual services please call 0405 236 402 or email us at